About President Peter Lee


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-- The first Chairman of Rizhao Furniture Association (RFA). 

-- Licentiate & expert of wood IQC (Inspection & Quarantine Certification) in 


-- Founder & owner of PLI, PLW, PLIQC and PLCI.

-- Manufacturer & expert in furniture, Science Lab Furniture & 

including furniture material, decoration material and building material.

-- Super management guru. He helped some small furniture factories back from 

the dead and many factories to go to the int'l market.

-- Excellent investors and partners. He had created many miracles and records. 

He had invested to several factories with others, from investments to exports 

both set amazing speed records and became the local model and was widely 

publicized by the government.

-- Local furniture industry leader. So of course, In 2003, he was elected the first   Chairman of RFA which had 52 member enterprises in those days.

-- Once he was one of the youngest entrepreneurs with an international perspec-

tive in SD Province and his city. When he was Chairman of RFA, Mr. Lee was 

33 years old only, and it had been just 3 years since he came back to China from Moscow only.

-- Excellent entrepreneur with strategic vision. In 2016, followed China One Belt And One Road great strategy and targeted Southeast-Asia and the Middle-East 

markets, he founded PLCI in Hongkong, the world trade & finance bridgehead. 

He has taken another firm step towards int'l markets.

-- Experienced int'l businessman. Int'l Commercial & Trading English is his 

college courses; 6 years of outstanding senior management experience in large 

export-oriented companies; years of successful leadership experience in Europe & Russia;  20 years of untiring struggle in int'l trade world.

-- A man of his word. Mr. Lee always says "Occasionally, we need to jump out what we see and what we know. See more things, make friends with more people of   insight, eye shot and minds will be more open and business will be booming." He said it, and he did it.

  • Good Materials
  • Good Machines
  • Good Process
  • Good Management
  • Good Quality
  • Good Credit